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Choosing a business which will help you to develop software and integrate applications is one of the toughest decisions you can face. The reason is simple: many software projects fail to deliver their full requirements, meet deadlines and stay within budget.

Absoft has the people, processes and technology to reduce the risk of software projects.

With one of the industry’s largest and most experienced teams, we provide applications and integration services for small departments through to systems that support large volumes of transactions across entire industries.

Our application development and systems integration business has been in operation for more than 15 years. The key to our success is the combination of business analysis, technology and project management expertise. Absoft business analysts evaluate clients’ required business outcomes, while our technology specialists provide the vision, architecture and innovation to create compelling new solutions. Absoft combines custom development, off-the-shelf software and third-party solutions to meet your needs.

Furthermore, our work is completed according to proven project management and governance frameworks to ensure we deliver on time and within budget.

Business Analysis

Understanding clients’ business needs is critical to the success of any software project.

Unless the analysis is thorough and accurate, everything that comes later will magnify any omissions and inaccuracies. Absoft has specialist business analysts who discuss clients’ requirements and identify how they can assist their broader business strategy.

From this information, our analysts create detailed systems requirements that can be used as the basis for system specifications for software developers.


Absoft has extensive skills in a full range of enterprise software platforms, with core skills in PHP and the Microsoft suite of Visual Basic, ASP and .NET and Java 2 Enterprise Edition.

This capability extends from systems and application architecture through to design and development. In addition, we can support and work with legacy platforms such as RPG and COBOL. However, we are not tied to any particular vendor or platform, enabling us to help clients choose the best solution for their specific needs.

Software Development Lifecycle

There is a range of software development methodologies available that may be suited to a client’s environment or project. At Absoft, we understand our clients may have invested in a particular methodology and we are flexible enough to work with whatever approach they prefer. Our staff are certified in RUP, Process Mentor, Waterfall and many other methodologies and these methodologies are available to clients depending on budget and requirements.

Service Oriented Architecture

Absoft has considerable expertise in Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and offers extensive SOA design capabilities coupled with expertise in multiple products and technologies. In the past year alone, we delivered seven projects exceeding $1 million each. Our services help you address the key issues of SOA: performance, security and integration.

Systems Integration

Almost all new software will need to be integrated into existing systems. Absoft builds systems to connect to existing interfaces or creates new ones. Successful integration relies on understanding what systems and processes within the business interact with the new system. Absoft also has wide-ranging experience in integration-only projects, such as connecting to another government agency or business.

Migration Services

Many organisations have older systems that run well. What they most often lack is the ability to use modern interfaces like XML that allow data to be accessed by a browser or easily connected to other applications. These problems can often be solved by integration, but there are times when cost, lack of vendor support or technology limitations makes it better to migrate older systems to a new platform. Absoft helps make this transition as smooth as possible by making legacy systems accessible to users or other applications through new client interfaces during the migration process.

Project Management

Underlying Absoft’s development and integration work is a series of proven project methodologies to manage risk and meet deadlines and budgets. These can be modified to suit client needs. Our development work is also accredited to ISO 9001:2008 for quality management. Absoft has developed and integrated business applications for many blue-chip corporate and government clients.