A history of innovation in RFID & supply-chain solutions since 1999

From 1996–2000 Absoft Qld P/L’s business could best be described as a value-added reseller of ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software solutions in Queensland, produced by Australian company System’77 Pty. Ltd. One of the key System 77 products was the SIRIUS Management System, a ‘Tier-2’ financial software system operating on a UNIX platform with a focus on inventory management & distribution with reporting & control features, gross margin analysis, inventory control among other features.

Around 1998/99 Managing Director Ms. leanne Kemp Absoft began talking to System 77 management about adapting the product to accommodate the increasing enquiries from customers about integrated solutions that connected to the internet. Absoft also saw potential in the new areas of WiFi and RFID, and the flexibility offered by the Linux ‘open-source’ operating system. During 1999, Absoft and System 77 agreed to allow Absoft to adapt the SIRIUS management system to the Linux platform and thereby offer new services to its clients. Thus, between 1999 and 2001 Absoft Qld Pty. Ltd. began to change its orientation from that of a re-seller and support orientated business to a developer of technology-solutions in its own right.

Between 1999 and 2003, working with a number of selected clients Absoft developed a series of innovative solutions across various industry sectors:

1. 1999 - Wireless bar-code scanner warehouse stock-control system using Linux

2. 2001 - ‘In-Vehicle’ computing system, for real-time inventory look-up, data-input, & invoicing

3. 2002 - ‘Cold-Chain-Management’ system & ‘mobile-smart RFID reader’ in an integrated SOA

4. 2002 - PDA based Mobile-Property-Management system syching mobile data-entry to SOA

5. 2003 - Heat tolerant RFID tag integration in polymer-moulds for auto-component manufacturing

In 2004 Absoft Group Pty. Ltd. was formed as the primary operating Company for a number of new trading orientated companies that were formed to either commercialize existing IP or develop new projects. From a peak of around 30 staff in 2003/04 the Absoft Group scaled back R&D activities and moved into a phase of diversification, seeding, developing and successfully exiting from a number of corporate ventures, while continuing to support numerous partner companies with back-end logistics support.

From our development centre in Brisbane, we provide expert skills on Microsoft platforms - ASP.net, VB.Net, C#, XML, SOAP, web services & development in PHP Technology. Between 2004 and 2009 the Absoft Group changed orientation from that of a re-seller and support orientated business to a developer of technology-solutions in its own right. This focus led directly to the development of the many platforms that the Absoft Group now holds in our IP portfolio, mostly focused around three pillars of technology services.

• Mobility Solutions

• Web Services

• Enterprise Solutions

These services are applied across various channels from web-design, e-mail & affiliate-marketing and micro-sites, to more specialist services such as viral-campaigns, search-engine-optimization, widget and iPhone application development and enterprise-level applications over the web.