Absoft Group maintains partnerships with a number of industry leaders. This provides our consultants with access to product information and developments which can be used for the benefit of our clients.



Virtusoft Pty. Ltd. is a web and internet software company based in Adelaide. The company, which was incorporated in 2005, undertook a prolonged R&D phase, working on various solutions to address important internet problems, such as digital music distribution and non privacy invasive search and recommendation applications. Absoft Group has worked closely with Managing Director Simon Edhouse over the last few years, undertaking feasibility studies and analysis of various opportunities. Absoft Group Managing Director Leanne Kemp travelled to China with Mr. Edhouse in 2009 where they met with a number of Chinese internet technology and web service companies. Since that time the two companies met regularly as Virtusoft proceeded to develop a series of Chinese language web services to address evident gaps in the Education services marketplace, and the opportunity to create meaningful 'trusted' brands for young educated Chinese.

Both companies are aware of the crucial importance of providing authentic and responsible services to the users of the new applications being developed and are excited by the opportunity to promote ethical business practices as a key part of  our commercialisation process. Absoft Group looks forward with enthusiasm to the unfolding of a range of new services being developed in partnership with Virtusoft in the areas of next generation advertising, search and recommendation systems.



In August 2009,  Bluehill ID (which had previously acquired ACG Identity GmbH) announced the global expansion of its signature Multicard brand into the Asia-Pacific region with headquarters in Brisbane, Australia.  Bluehill ID’s recent acquisition of Fastcards , the Australian entity announced that it will adopt the trading name of Multicard, aligning with sister companies Multicard in Switzerland and Germany.

Absoft group spin-off company Fastcards Pty Ltd, which was purchased by BlueHill has now effectively become Multicard, a patented secure online issuer of Photo RFID cards holding Issuing Body status for the Australian Maritime Security Identification Card, contactless smart card supply and managed identification services.

History: June 7, 2007 - Bluehill announced  purchase of Syscan International Inc. (TSX VENTURE:SYA)  Syscan has issued 2,676,291 million shares at an assigned value of Cdn$0.23 per share and shall within 120 days make a cash payment of A$300,000 (approximately Cdn$265,000) to the shareholders of the Austin RFID Group. Additionally, the Austin RFID Group shareholders can earn out up to Cdn$395,708 worth of Syscan shares over the next two years subject to the attainment of certain growth projections. The issue price of these shares will be the greater of Cdn$0.23 per share and the market price at that time.  The combined revenues of these companies for fiscal 2006 were approximately Cdn$1.3 million and Syscan expects a positive cash flow and earnings contribution to its overall operations.



SMS Poll is a text message voting application that allows its customers to quickly and easily gather in-moment data from students, fans, customers, conference attendees, employees, or any other type of live audience.

SMS Poll works by allowing a poll organiser to use a simple web interface to quickly create, customise, and share his/her poll online. The audience votes by sending an SMS to a local phone number or by browsing to a mobile friendly webpage, and the results for the poll update in real-time, right before the audience’s eyes. The poll organiser can then download all the results for the poll for further analysis.

The SMS Poll service is currently available in Australia and the UK, with the company having launched its offering in early July, 2008. A live demonstration of SMS Poll can be seen here:

September 2008, Absoft Group co-founded SMSPOL an innovative mobile voting and live audience polling application wins the NSW Pitch ‘08 competition, and a listing on Australian Small Scale Offerings Board (ASSOB) and corporate multimedia package, valued at $40,000 (based on an average of $500,000 capital raising)


Online community and business review directory RAYV ( has launched today to offer Sydney-siders a new and rewarding way to find, review and talk about businesses in their local area.  A key feature of the site is the RAYV Compatibility tool that allows members to view their compatibility with a given review or reviewer. People who register with RAYV are invited to complete a profile detailing their interests and lifestyle habits. Registered users are then given a compatibility score for every review published on RAYV, allowing other members to see if they have the same interests as the reviewer.

June 2008, Absoft Group partner company RAYV ranked 72 in BRW Magazine’s Top 100 Australian Web 2.0 applications after only five months of operations


Phenix Jewellery

June 2010,  Phenix Jewellery successful tendered for a National Supply Agreement for the Jewellery (Insurance Claims) Industry.

Phenix provides software solutions to enable uniform and systematic jewellery claims validation, all directed toward increased policyholder satisfaction.  The  objective of the business has been to create a national jewellery claims solution that supports equitable and efficient claims settlement.  Since Phenix established its first expert jewellery claims procedures, it has worked to create a full suite of software, information and network services, to reform the jewellery claims replacement process for the benefit of all participating parties.