A leader in the web technology field, we provide a range of products from server-side applications to web and ecommerce tools for improved business management.


Techmodular is a comprehensive web Content Management System designed and developed by Absoft Group. Currently deployed across 10,000 hosted domains, Techmodular is a dedicated product, strategically researched, planned and coded by our Software Engineers.

Media Mouse

Media Mouse is a new generation affiliate network provider that specializes in customised and personalised services including Affiliate Networking, Customised Banner Advertising and Direct Client to Consumer Marketing.


Spyder is a sophisticated software system that operates on PDAs for management of the mobile sales force in distribution business operations. Spyder can be utilised in any mobile distribution for sales business where sales people are on the road, visiting customer sites and preparing quotes.


SpyderMan is a mobile manufacturing application used for monitoring and maintaining production runs.SpyderMan allows your production staff to view and update production data using hand held computers (PDA's).Ensure your manufacturing process is running as efficiently as possible.


Jigsaw is a unique and complete technology solution for the property valuation industry, integrating back end systems for valuation, job management/costing, invoicing and report construction.


Open your shop to the rest of the world. Using the eBooth online payment gateway you can accept online payments and trade 24/7 by automating secure credit card transactions in a matter of seconds.