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Absoft Group commission to develop fuel card management for Neumann Petroleum

Tuesday 30 March 2010

Absoft is to provide to Mulitcard AG, a new Fuel Card System for Neumann Fuels which is to be rolled out to over  200 stations across Australia.  Absoft announced that it has been awarded a major contract to develop a new Fuel Card system for Neumann Fuels to be rolled out across Neumanns extensive network of filling stations in Queensland.

The new system will see the number of cards/transactions in use rise to over 1 million and will be accepted in over 200 filling stations across Queensland.

Cutting edge technologies will be employed in the development of the new system, allowing Neumann Fuels to offer a ‘One-stop’ approach in filling stations; the point of sale equipment will accept multiple card types including magnetic stripe, contact and contactless chip cards and even contactless car mounted devices and payment via mobile phone technology.

In addition, absoft have a vision to expand the cards to be able to facilitate transactions issued by other fuel companies, banks and card processors which will be accepted in the system & will also offer multiple customer solutions including prepaid or account based fleet cards, single use cards and end user consumer cards.

The cards can be used for fuel and oil products as well as purchases of other goods and services while a full settlement, invoicing, GST reimbursement and reporting system allows for seamless system operation as well as Internet based client portals for fast and efficient registration and system management.

The new cards will also include a loyalty application which will allow Neumann Fuels to offer its customers incentives for their purchases which can then be redeemed in-store at filling stations as well as offering discounts with group partners.

Though we have been providing smart card solutions for many years, this new fuel card product will be innovative and market leading and will offer us opportunities to expand further into other states outside of Queensland. It will be the first truly multi-card, multi-platform feature rich product aimed at increasing customer loyalty and profitability in the Multicard Group.

We believe the clients chose us for this project as we are unique in offering a flexible solution to provide both the back end systems and the card based solutions that our require to grow their business. We see this as a key step in the expansion of our fuel card system across Queensland.

About Neumann Petroleum

Neumann Petroleum are a Queensland owned and operated, and a truly, privately owned, independent Australian oil company.  At Neumann Petroleum we own and operate a customs bonded, bulk seaboard fuel terminal, with a current capacity of 43 million litres with expansion in progress. We source our petroleum products from both domestic and international refineries and sell these competitively priced fuels and lubricants to service stations, distributors, primary producers and commercial end-users.

The Neumann Family
Parents: Alfred and Kathleen Neumann
Family members: Robert; Margaret; John; Peter and Bruce

Alfred Neumann moved to the Gold Coast in 1922 as a cabinet maker and builder. In 1948 Alfred and his son Robert formed a company called Pacific Minerals, a sand mining and mineral processing company which produced rutile and zircon. The Company continues to operate today under the name of Currumbin Minerals.

In the early fifties, Robert, Margaret, John, Peter and Bruce commenced their operations by building primitive dredging equipment which supplied sand to the concrete industry and the Little Nerang Dam Project. This initiative founded Currumbin Sand and Gravel and the Neumann Dredging Company now known as Neumann Contractors.