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The huge cost and time demands of building cutting-edge web experiences have come to an end with the introduction of the Techmodular Launch Platform.

March 2008

Techmodular's radical new technology shatters the current web development paradigm with a design-to-deployment and website management system that allows users to build and launch next-generation websites nine times faster with 60 percent fewer resources. A number of leading advertising and interactive agencies are already in the process of licensing the platform.

"We expect Launch Platform to revolutionize web development," said Leanne Kemp, co-founder and CEO. "Just as the publishing industry was transformed with accessible, user-friendly software, Launch Platform is a tool that empowers non-programmers to architect, build and manage state-of-the-art commercial websites."

Creating a modern, feature-rich website requires an array of highly specialized applications and technologies. These disparate tools drive
designers and developers apart, resulting in inefficient planning, custom programming requirements and considerable expense. With the
Techmodular Platform, a modest team can build complete cutting-edge sites, where a sizable collection of programmers, designers
and technical experts were formerly needed.

"Leading interactive developers quickly recognize that Launch Platform drastically redefines the process of building websites," said Kemp.
"We’re taking developers from the typical page-at-a-time process to a site-wide, design-to-deployment collaborative process."

A Completely New Process for Building Websites

"We see the potential of Techmodular’s Launch Platform technology," said Steve Gray, technology director at E-Info, a leading interactive agency.
"Web development would definitely benefit from a process that is quicker, more fluid and collaborative."

Techmodular’s technology is a unifying platform that supports all aspects of web development and deployment for large-scale commercial
sites — without back-end programming. The Techmodular Launch Platform consists of two integrated environments: Launch, where sites are
designed, built, and deployed; and Command, where sites are managed and maintained.

Developers begin with a live site map that dynamically generates the framework of a website. When a page is added, the corresponding site structure and navigation are automatically constructed, immediately transforming ideas into a working site with just a few mouse clicks.

Pages are easily optimized for search engine effectiveness as they’re added, and can be readily tuned throughout the life of the site. "As a
marketer, I appreciate Techmodular’s search engine-friendly CMS platform," stated Tony Patterson, president of E-Info.

Flexible wireframing of pages promotes rapid prototyping and improved team collaboration. Developers instantly add complex site functionality through a large library of built in Techmodular Modules. These configurable components provide plug-n-play integration of features including e-commerce, RSS and podcasting, video-on-demand, advertising, AJAX interactivity, and other dynamic content. Launch Platform also introduces extremely powerful item-based page development: universal arrangements for products or images that can instantly generate thousands of pages.

When it comes to final design, developers are unrestricted in incorporating any look or layout their clients require, as there are no pre-defined templates to limit creativity. The program works seamlessly with imported HTML and CSS, including from third-party applications such as Dreamweaver.

Techmodular’s Command provides ongoing management of any website created with Launch. Groundbreaking in its ease-of-use interface, Command lets users assign privileges, add or edit content, update product lines, create new store categories or pages, update or change navigation, optimize pages for search engines and more. With a process that results in website development up to nine times faster with 60 percent of the resources, agencies are excited to adopt the Techmodular platform.