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Freedom Fuels – Launch of National Fuel Card Platform

Thursday 11 June 2009

Recent upgrades to our Freedoms Retail Point of Sale Terminals has now enabled absoft to work with Mulitcard on the release and supply of a Freedom Fuels branded Account Card to be used by corporates when purchasing uel and/or convenience store items at any of their 58 owned and operated sites throughout QLD, NSW and VIC.

The benefits to the customer:

    *      Secure account transaction process
    *      Purchase of convenience products and lower carbon fuels (depending on account type)
    *      Receive a monthly statement
    *      Multiple cards available under one master account for easy record keeping
    *      A network of 58 existing sites and growing throughout QLD, NSW and VIC (Excluding Cooloongatta, Arundel, Hope Island, Laidley and Beachmere) which are independently owned and operated.  

As said on the freedom fuels site, "We trust our new Freedom Fuels’ card will simplify and improve your fuel purchasing and reporting requirements. Freedom Fuels is an independent family owned company providing local service and lower carbon fuels to our customers. We value your ongoing custom and look forward to being of service to you now and in the future."

The release of the new smart technology fuel card system - enables and captures is a payment card for petrol (gasoline), diesel  and other fuels at filling stations. Account balances are cleared in full when due and payment terms vary depending on the supplier and can be anything from weekly to monthly. One of the main reasons fuel cards are popular is the elimination of the requirement for cash at filling stations and the perceived increase in security.

There are many reasons for/against the use of a fuel card over a credit card, which are outlined below:


    *      Discount fuel prices (i.e. wholesale prices)
    *      Ability to choose from multiple providers like Shell, Esso, Keyfuels, Texaco etc. This enables better pricing due to competition.
    *      Need for carrying cash (or giving cash to drivers) eliminated
    *      Prevention of fraud
    *      Invoicing with GST (tax) shown separately facilities tax recovery for businesses
    *      Increased security
    *      Filling patterns can be customised by Smartchip technology
    *      Fleet efficiency & MPG reporting
    *      Reduced administration via management tools
    *      Points/reward schemes


    *      Card stopping/cancellation periods can sometimes be longer
    *      Greater liability for fraudulent transactions often placed on customer
    *      Credit periods typically shorter
    *      Retail cards typically offer pump prices (usually higher than wholesale) and occasionally additional surcharge
    *      Annual or monthly card provision charge sometimes applied (usually bunkered)