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Online Stores, E-commerce, Payment Systems

Online stores and shopping systems are an important part of the internet today. Many businesses have an online presence already, and a large number of companies have set up an internet shop to some degree. absoft are experts in helping you establish your online store.

Because we also have experts in online marketing, absoft can help you plan your internet business from all angles. Many companies we work with established a shopping website long ago, but struggle to meet their sales objectives. Many people we talk to have already literally given up before they came to us. The absoft team utilises its technical and marketing expertise to help you get your online shopping store to the level where you want it to be.

absoft's consulting, website design, shop development, internet marketing, security and technical infrastructure expertise is what you need for "setting up shop".

Search Engine Optimisation (or website optimisation)

Search Engine Optimisation (or website optimisation) describes the process of increasing visitors to your website from search engines, such as google, yahoo, ninemsn and many others. It involves marketing and technical strategies to ensure the position of your website increases in the search engine rankings so that more people come to your website, instead of your competitors.

Internet marketing is now a priority for many businesses around the world. The absoft management team have been involved in building internet businesses since 1996.

Search engine optimisation ( SEO ) is a growing global phenomenon that requires insight, know-how and practical experience with customers of all industries, levels and business objectives.

absoft have been performing search engine optimisation projects with companies all over Australia and New Zealand, improving their visibility by increasing their rankings and attracting more visitors to create more online customers.
Internet marketing Strategies

Attracting visitors to your web site can only occur when your site is visible to internet searchers. Of course if someone knows your URL they will find you but what about the people searching for a company that offers your products or services. How high are you appearing on the rankings right now? Search Engine Optimisation is just one strategy that absoft offers its' customers for achieving their business goals.

As internet marketing consultants, absoft know how to optimise the code and content on your site so your website will appear at the top of an internet search. We understand the technology, and the business of online marketing.
Companies in Australia and New Zealand take action

Globalise, based in Sydney, have a growing list of Australian and NZ SEO customers that have used our web site optimisation services to ensure that they appear at the top of search engines.

There are three phases to a absoft search engine optimisation project.

    * Optimise the code and content
    * Develop a link program
    * Manage a Pay-Per-Click ( PPC ) campaign if required

Internet marketing consultants track results

absoft use a world leading conversion tracking software system to account for every visitor to your web site. You will know what words they searched for, where they came from and of course did they convert to a customer.

Tracking gives every web site owner the knowledge that they are spending their marketing dollars effectively. .