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Building your business - 24/7

eBooth offers secure payment gateway integration into modern business. We offer the solution for taking online payments, shopping carts and event ticketing, with revenue flowing into your account day and night - no delays, or waiting for a cheque to arrive in the mail.

Spyder is a sophisticated software system that operates on personal digital assistants (PDA’s, also known as Palm handheld computers) for management of the mobile sales force in distribution business operations.

Have your business open for trade 24 hours, every day including public holidays and while you sleep!

Payments made with eBooth are as safe as paying in person. Protected transfers and data encryption ensure your transaction gets through to the right recipient.

Spyder functionalities
Mobile collection, printing, and access to customer and inventory information

Ticket manufacturing is easy with our online ticket creation and ordering system.

Event List
Control all orders for invited patrons from your Listing Console. View the response time and amounts.

Event Notice
Notify patrons via SMS or email regarding the details of your event.