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Hosting & Support

For many businesses their website is the first point of contact. Absoft's web-hosting and support services mean your website will be online & active even when your physical shop-front is closed.

Reliable Website Storage

Absoft provide reliable hosting solutions for your personal website, microsite or e-commerce project. With a proven track record, fortnightly backups and the support of a dedicated web team your site is safe & secure in our hands.
+ Email Hosting

Need email hosting to go with your new domain name and website hosting package? Want to have messages forwarded to your existing email address? Need to access and manage your emails from multiple computers? Absoft have you covered!

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As your website grows in popularity and traffic to/from the site increases your storage needs will change. Absoft's quality hosting servers are geared to handle the kind of traffic that would bring other hosting packages to their knees. You wouldn't use your desktop PC to host a professional website, so why let other hosting companies do just that? We offer a personalised service with hosting packages tailored to your website's requirements.

Powerful Media Streaming

The modern website does more than just serve text. Video, audio and interactive elements need to be transferred to your website's audience with minimal lag. Our hosting services are tweaked to provide the best possible performance under a myriad of conditions.

Problem Solvers

Absoft's web & technical support team are on-hand to answer your questions. Our ticketing system ensures that your issues are dealt with in a professional and timely manner. We pride ourselves on the fact that we won't try to confuse you with 'techno-babble', we'll just provide the answers you need; Absoft speaks your language.