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Seamless communication of data between client and valuers – both in-field and on-site

Jigsaw is a unique and complete technology solution for the property valuation industry, integrating back end systems for valuation, job management/costing, invoicing and report construction.

Jigsaw gives you the power to make valuers more efficient, dramatically reduce administration overheads and decrease turnaround times.

Jigsaw enables seamless communication of information between clients and valuers both in field and in the office.

More than just a job management system, Jigsaw significantly improves efficiency in:

  • Job/Valuation Management
  • Client Management
  • Knowledgebase Management (residential, commercial, rural)
  • Invoice and Fees Management
  • Report Management
  • Time Management
  • Field Data Collection

Jigsaw will:

  • Eliminate double entry of information.
  • Provide a more efficient means of collecting field data and collating this into standard reports.
  • Provide a means of remotely accessing data from information service providers through mobile field units.
  • Reduce costs associated with creating and transferring paper reports by replacing them with electronic B2B communication in a client acceptable format.
  • Reduce costs and increase customer service and efficiency within the valuation firms by integrating job management, invoicing and data storage systems.
  • Increase the ability to better interpret data/information to increase the knowledge base of property professionals (Knowledge Management).
  • Compounding Benefits -Less tangible yet very much real are the compounding benefits that Jigsaw brings through increased efficiency.

The increase in efficiency improves the service levels to the clients, particularly the major ones. Better service always leads to an increase in the work provided by these clients. This means more valuations can be conducted by the same amount of valuers resulting in higher income for both the valuers and your organisation. The increased income will in turn allow you to attract more and/or better valuers to your organisation. Better valuers further improves the service to your clients and the cycle continues. The compounding benefit is the ability to continually increase both revenue and profits without significant cost increase.