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Minimise delays – increase productivity and business efficiency

Manufacturing, retail and distribution industries are growing. This growth places increasing demand on information processing and exchange, creating inefficiencies where paper and computer-based systems are combined. The need is for information coordination with existing computer systems eliminating the paper-based processes and associated bottlenecks. To do this, Absoft Group has developed a product that reduces delays and increases productivity, ultimately increasing business efficiency. This product is called Spyder.

Spyder is a sophisticated software system that operates on personal digital assistants (PDA’s, also known as Palm handheld computers) for management of the mobile sales force in distribution business operations.

Spyder can communicate captured information to business management systems such as accounting and Enterprise Resource Planning programs for back end tie in e.g. invoicing and stock level reconciliation. Spyder also accepts information from these systems, e.g. product catalogue changes and new customer information etc.

Spyder can be utilised in any mobile distribution or sales business where sales people are on the road, visiting customer sites, taking customer orders, and preparing quotes.

Spyder functionalities

  • Mobile collection, printing, and access to customer and inventory information
  • Direct cable transmission of sales, inventory, and customer information to the office network via PC
  • Download and upload sales, inventory, and customer information via mobile phone or inbuilt communications capability using existing mobile phone networks
  • Communication with industry standard business management applications allowing full accounting functionality with the on-road captured data
  • Barcode scanning for easy stock recording and addition to invoices

The end result is increased efficiency through greater speed and accuracy of information processing. This is the greatest advantage of Spyder, and it is realised immediately – Spyder has already started paying for itself the first time you use it!

The benefits of Spyder include

  • Quick order turnaround from reduced order processing time, increasing customer service levels
  • No manual re-entry of data meaning less errors and time delays in taking and processing orders
  • Less time recording orders means Salespeople can visit more customer sites per day
  • Better access to accurate information ensuring the right products are sold at the right price
  • Increase the quality of site visits with a greater scope of available information

Less time on paperwork = more time with the customer