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Monitor and maintain your production runs to increase productivity

SpyderMan is a mobile manufacturing application used for monitoring and maintaining production runs. SpyderMan allows your production staff to view and update production data using hand held computers (PDA's).

Ensure your manufacturing process runs as efficiently as possible by improving the information flow while reducing manual data processing.

SpyderMan can run as a "stand alone" application or interface to the back end manufacturing software system. The SpyderMan PDA's communicate information back to the manufacturing software system via a batch or wireless connection.

SpyderMan can be used for

  • Initialising production runs
  • Closing production runs
  • Log jobs to workstations
  • Tracking work orders
  • Tracking specific manufactured stock items
  • Record wastage
  • Tracking staff time

SpyderMan is enabled to read both bar codes and RFID tags for fast accurate data entry and verification. RFID tags for tracking items in environments where standard barcodes cannot be used. RFID tags also allow for information from SpyderMan to be written to the tag and retained.

Benefits of SpyderMan

  • Prevent lost jobs
  • Gain accurate production times
  • View up to the minute production information
  • Reduce production errors and over-runs

With SpyderMan you are not limited to a standard set of functions. The system can be modified to suit the specific manufacturing requirements of each site, maximising the efficiency gains.