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Managing your brand in social media

Tracking and protecting how your brand is being used and discussed within social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and forum and blog sites is a change that many businesses are now facing. absoft’s social media monitoring tools will allow you to track what is being said, where you branding is being displayed, hate site activity and more. One of our expert Social Media Consultants can then work with you on a strategy to both protect and to promote your brand within social media environments.

absoft provide a full end-to-end online brand management solution for corporate and Government organisations. With a range of solutions designed to both protect IP over the Internet and to market brands over the Internet, absoft work with our clients to mitigate IP risk, remove internal administration and increase marketing return on investment. Details on absoft’s full produce & service offering are available on our corporate website.

Through leading the market in innovation, absoft are proud to manage many of Australian’s leading brands.

Social Media Monitoring & Audits

Through blogs, forums, wikis and social networks, your customers have a louder voice and a wider audience than ever before. Are they talking about you? What are they saying? Why are they saying it?

absoft understand social media and can monitor what your customers are saying about your brand, personnel, industry and competitors in Facebook, YouTube, Blogger, forums and all forms of social media across the web.

absoft’s social media monitoring tool can:

• Provide relevant feedback on trends, prominent blogs and red flags related to your industry vertical and competitors

• Track trends on your key issues

• Determine who the most influential bloggers are in your industry and devise a strategy for communicating with them

• Quickly and easily access and sort through content from all relevant social media sites, chart the results and generate user- friendly documents for more effective decision making

Social Media is a growing phenomena and we encourage Australian Business to develop strategies around it before it becomes an issue for your business.

Policy Development

In order to police and manage social media, it is important to ensure that your organisation has an agreed and set policy outlining what is and is not acceptable use. Internal (existing staff) and External (partners, customers, ex-employees) often require different strategies and policies.

Having gained an understanding of your business and corporate objectives, absoft will work with your marketing, HR & PR teams to develop a suitable social media policy with strategies and action points for the following categories:

      How to identify and monintor social media activity
      Internal management
      - Staff use guidelines
      - Staff compliance agreements
      - Staff training / information sessions
      External management
      - Managing disgruntled ex-employee commentary in social media
      - Managing disgruntled customer commentary in social media
      - Managing ‘Social Media Groups’ and unauthorised content creation
      - Brand compliance and guidelines for authorised parties

Social Media Consulting & Training

Many businesses today are grappling with social media management, be it with compliance (internal staff & external users), or how best to capitalise from a marketing perspective.

absoft’s approach is to first work with you to develop a list of goals and requirements that are relevant to your business and in line with your corporate objectives. From there we can focus efforts on either compliance (brand protection) and/or marketing (brand promotion).

Brand Protection:

    * What are your staff saying online about your company? Have staff been informed of what they can and can’t do?
    * Are there unauthorised social media ‘Groups’ for your company?
    * Do you have the necessary monitoring to identify new posts and groups?
    * Do you have a formal policy on how to manage inappropriate and brand damaging commentary?

absoft work with you to develop a strategy for social media brand protection that is best suited to your business. This can include staff policy development, damaging commentary reaction policies & techniques, staff training, social media monitoring and brand compliance enforcement.

Brand Promotion:

    * Do you have a social media marketing strategy that alines with your target market and corporate objectives?
    * Are you using social media to generate new business opportunities?
    * Are you using social media to assist with customer retention?
    * Do you have defined targets to measure your success against?
    * Do you have a campaign strategy to deliver users to your social media environments?

Ensure you are making the most of social media with a session with one of absoft’s social media experts.