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Affiliate Marketing – is a system whereby a merchant (advertiser) pays a publisher (affiliate) a commission for delivering visitors to their site i.e. pay per click. Affiliates provide advertising and promotional space or mechanisms for advertiser’s websites. Payment is based on performance criteria – for example; sales, clicks, registrations or a combination of all. When a visitor clicks on the link on a website and consequently makes a purchase or fills out a form from that link, a fee or commission is then paid to the affiliate or publisher for that transaction.

Services of Media Mouse
Media Mouse provides their Merchant Clients with technology and ervices while acting as a gateway to large numbers of individual affiliates. Media Mouse facilitate the diplomatic relationship between merchants and affiliates whereby the merchants seek to increase their revenues by featuring content and advertisements on affiliate websites which typically receive a fee for each sale or customer acquisition which is made as a direct result of this referred traffic.

Advantages Advertiser >
Affiliate Marketing is becoming an integral part of a successful marketing campaign 

More Turnover and lower costs 
  1. Higher revenue through performance – orientated campaigns
  2. Better click rates through dynamic and product – based advertising media 
  3. Pure performance based payments
Better Control  
  1. Detailed statistics and reporting
  2. System monitoring and user quality tracking
Improved Customer Coverage and Reach
  1. Extend coverage through group – specific websites
  2. Create a “virtual” distribution network

Key Media Mouse Benefits

Help & Ongoing Support:
Media Mouse strives to ensure that our customer service is built on a foundation of knowledge. Media Mouse makes every effort to learn our clients’ business and industry and thereby deliver solutions tailored to their unique needs.

Media Mouse will provide the Client ongoing support and make recommendations on how to improve conversion rates.

When we enter a business relationship with our Clients we look forward to a long and growing association where we provide the technical expertise to help our clients use their computer system to more profitably and efficiently manage their businesses. Profit returns are very high for those companies who use our solutions and services to their maximum advantage.

Our high quality service is achieved through our friendly support team and effective easy to use platform. Each professional partner has a dedicated account manager, therefore we ensure fast response to merchant and affiliate needs.

High Security Standards:
Media Mouse leads the way in providing their clients with innovative and high standard security solutions. Monitoring of the system for fraudulent transaction is done on regular basis therefore you are only getting genuine click through visitors therefore saving the merchant money.

Creative Marketing:
Media Mouse believes creative marketing is crucial for a successful marketing campaign. By integrating the wealth of knowledge of the Absoft Network with Media Mouse, we ensure that your message is effectively communicated to its intended market.

Advertiser Workflow

Setting up a Program
URL’s and Documentation - Media Mouse is easy to set up, easy to understand and easy to implement.

Creative Requirements
Clients may provide their own creative banners. However, Media Mouse can also design the creative banners for the client (at a cost). The client may at any stage provide additional creatives to be distributed to affiliates. An announcement to all affiliates will be made to alert them to any new creative.

Testing Phase
Media Mouse undergoes extensive testing to make sure all is in working order. Once we are satisfied that the system is 100% functioning, Media Mouse will report to the client that the system is ready to go live.

Proposed Placement
It is recommended that the clients give full access to Media Mouse affiliates. Media Mouse will strategically target key affiliates and websites to give your campaign maximum exposure. Media Mouse also has the capability of placing different campaign on different commission rates to attract larger portals to the promotion.

Reporting Management
Media Mouse will provide the client with a simple and easy to use administration area where they all will be able to view real time statistics. Once your campaign has been setup, Media Mouse will walk you through this area to ensure that all the content is understood.

Non-Australian Sites
Media mouse accepts any sites to be our publisher / advertiser (terms and conditions apply) however we only accept Australian Dollars (AUD) for any transaction/payments.

Multiple Accounts with Media Mouse
It is possible for a company can have multiple accounts with Media Mouse. However, each account is considered an individual and funds cannot be transferred between the accounts.

Payment can be made via credit card, cheque or direct deposits.