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Putting you in control of your website


Save Money

Because you don't need any programming or database skills to use Site-Ezy, virtually anyone in your organisation can maintain and develop your website.

This means there's no need to outsource simple tasks to expensive web design agencies. Instead, simply log on to Site-Ezy and make the changes yourself.

The fact is the world at the time of gets to the making of the intli g and then it may be And because Site-Ezy allows you to add any number of new pages at no extra cost, your website can grow and adapt whenever your business does.

Save Time

Site-Ezy allows you to control all your web content immediately, no waiting, no external bottlenecks. Simply add content and publish your changes.

Site-Ezy was designed with usability in mind, its ease of use saves time both initially, with no training required, and in the long term, as its simple navigation minimises the number of clicks required to perform any desired task without fuss.

Improve Credibility

When you're competing against companies with huge marketing budgets, it can be hard to keep up. Site-Ezy puts you on a level playing field.

With Site-Ezy, there is no need to engage an expensive specialist to manage the day-to-day maintenance of your site. Instead, you can invest in an impressive original page design by your choice of designer or ours, then manage ongoing maintenance yourself.

Site-Ezy makes it easy to retain the look and feel of the original design throughout all your pages by enforcing style guidelines and corporate standards.

Easy to Use

You don't need any HTML or database knowledge to work with Site-Ezy. If you can use a simple word processor like Microsoft Word, you'll be able to use Site-Ezy

Safe and Secure

Access to the Site-Ezy (CMS) is gained through secure 128bit MD5 encrypted password protection, so unauthorized access is virtually impossible, except in the event of password disclosure.

Additionally, the passwords and user information you collect are stored on the Site-Ezy secure database server, precluding unauthorized access to your membership information.

Measurable Marketing

Easy-to-interpret web stats are just the start with Site-Ezy. It's one thing to know how many people are visiting your site. It's an entirely different thing to know how they like it when they are there. With Site-Ezy, you can easily create an interactive form to sign up website members, or directly query your visitors.

Increased Traffic

Most Content Management Systems (CMS's) will keep you out of the search engines. It's as simple as that.

Site-Ezy creates pages which are "search engine friendly". The page URLs dynamically assigned to Site-Ezy's pages are readable by the search engine spiders (or robots).

Site-Ezy really can be the difference between a page 1 ranking and a page 101 ranking.

Generate Customer Loyalty

Site-Ezy allows you to manage website referals. Control, track and monitor refered prospects easily and efficently. Offer referers rewards with an automated, built in tracking and rewards system. You get easy business and guaranteed visitors.

You can also generate customer loyalty (or "eyes-on-paper") by letting people sign up to an email newsletter.

Site-Ezy handles subscribes and unsubscribes automatically so you'll comply fully with the Australian SPAM Act of 2003.


How much would your profit margin increase if you could sell online? No sales assistants, no shop front, no insurance!

Site-Ezy comes complete with a handy e-Commerce facility, including product catalogue, shopping cart, online ordering functionality, and secure credit card payment facility

With Site-Ezy, every visitor can mean extra revenue.

We Guarantee It!

If after 30 days of working with Site-Ezy, you are not completely satisfied with our product or services, we will refund all moneys paid.

Why offer this Guarantee? We are completely confident that our product, people, services and processes will meet your every expectation. We do not sell our product to clients who will not benefit from its use, or into situations to which it is not suited

There are too many web development companies out there who promise the world but deliver sub-standard results. With Site-Ezy you can be confident you are getting what you paid for.