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Putting you in control of your website


Site-Ezy's core module is the Web Editor, every Site-Ezy customer receives the Web Editor module. It allows anyone with word processor skills to maintain your website. Content, site structure, links, search engine keywords, file downloads, images, and form creation are all easily maintained without the need for HTML or other programming skills.

Then you can add extra modules as required.

The Site-Ezy Website Management System enables you to grow your online presence at your pace. Start small with just the core module (Web Editor Module), and add more modules, step-by-step, to gradually increase your site's functionality or adapt its purpose.

When you add a module, there are no tedious installation disks, complex configuration, or frustrating compatibility problems.

Additional Modules Include

Members Allows visitors to join your membership community through your website, and enables you to restrict content throughout your site based on the access level you set. More Information!
Newsletter Newsletters or e-newsletters enable you to communicate directly to members via an HTML or text e-mail. In conjunction with the Members Module the Site-Ezy CMS manages each newsletter, un-subscribe functions and history.  More Information!
Catalogue Manage online product sales. This module allows online visitors to view product details, add to the shopping cart, and place orders.   More Information!
e-Commerce  E-commerce or electronic commerce allows you to take online payments via credit card for products that are displayed in the Catalogue Module.   More Information!
Statistics The Statistics Module is a powerful analysis tool that enables you to monitor the continued usage of your website. See where visitors are coming from, the numbers of page views and determine what visitors are most interested in.  More Information!
Events The Events Module enables you to manage events that you want to display on your website. Several options including coming soon and now on, allow visitors to easily access event information.   More Information!
Referral Your website can pass you referrals from your clients or website visitors. This system allows referees to view the referrals they have passed to your business and follow the progress of any results that may come from the referral.  More Information!
Print-Ezy Print-Ezy is a module designed especially for the print industry. It allows printers to provide an online print / stationary ordering system for each of their clients. More Information!
SMS Send Text Messages to Members within the Members Module.  More Information!